UGH. The injustice in the theater world is ridiculous. Yesterday my friend and I student rushed two musicals. One was Lysistrata Jones and one was…something that shall not be named. Lysistrata Jones was really, really fun and had a catchy score and great performances all around. I’m so glad I got to catch it before it closed, but I am SO upset that it’s closing in the first place! As per my tradition, these were some doodles (taken off of an iPhone camera, so not the best quality! Sorry!) I finished real quick during the 15 minute intermission to give to Patti Murin, Liz Mikel, and Jason Tam (although I wish I’d had time to do it for the whole cast!) These three produced probably the best reactions I’ve ever gotten to my art at the stage door before! c:

Let’s not even talk about the…other show I saw. :X

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